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Whether you'd like to have stylish nails for a special occasion, such as a photo shoot or wedding, or you're looking for a trusted nail care professional for the long term, you'll find it in our salon in La Zenia, Orihuela Costa!

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The hand is one of the means of self-expression, it tells a lot about its owner. Always have beautiful, well-groomed hands with natural looking, and fashionable nails.

A good manicure helps to make our hands perfect, so we radiate well-groomed sophistication and confidence towards our environment. Then crown it with a magical color. You can choose traditional nail polish or gel polish.

Gel polish

Unlike traditional nail polish, gel polish sets immediately when exposed to UV light. The technique combines this speed with the durability of artificial nail gels. In addition to being extremely durable (3-4 weeks), gel polish strengthens your own nails, adapting to the movements of your nails without cracking. And a strengthened gel polish can even be used to replace or repair your nail plate.

Artificial nails

Enhance, strengthen, extend: Our artificial nails offer a natural look while fortifying and extending your own nails. No longer a luxury, these nails are customizable in length and ideal for those unsatisfied with natural nail shape or condition. Practical for those with hands-on jobs, artificial nails reduce the need for daily polish or manicures. Additionally, they help prevent nail biting, protect against everyday wear, and require infilling only every 3-5 weeks for lasting color and beauty. At our salon, our nail specialist is here to meet all your needs

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Want to feel confident and attractive in sandals? Do you have recurring problems like dry heels or discolored nails from constant polish? Are you about to treat your feet to a refreshing massage? Our salon offers a wide range of pedicure and foot care services in an exclusive environment!

Beauty, SPA Pedicure

Well-groomed feet are part of beauty & health. Our feet serve us for a lifetime, and we don't care enough about them. 

Take time for your pedicure!

Medical Pedicure

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, a Medical Pedicure is essential for maintaining overall foot health. Our trained professional not only enhances the beauty of your feet but also addresses medical concerns such as calluses, ingrown nails, and other podiatric issues. By combining cosmetic and therapeutic elements, our Medical Pedicure not only leaves your feet looking fantastic but also contributes to your overall comfort and well-being. 

Treat your feet to the care they deserve, merging aesthetics with essential medical attention for a step towards total foot wellness.

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Orsi, Nail technician, pedicurist
Magia Beauty Place

In 2000, I successfully completed the hand and foot care, and artificial nail building course. Since then, I have been continuously educating myself and honing my skills to pamper my clients with the best quality work possible! I chose this profession because it allows me to express my creativity, bring joy to my clients, and at the same time, meet and talk with many people.

Based on years of experience, I can determine what colors and shapes suit each person's nails, and I always make suggestions.

During pedicures, a lot can be gleaned from the condition of the soles, and I recommend creams, changes of footwear, etc.

My goal is for everyone who comes to us to leave satisfied and relaxed, which we manage to achieve 99.9% of the time!